Commercial Litigation

A breach of contract can interrupt daily business operations, prevent your company from fulfilling responsibilities it has to a third party, or increase the cost of a project. Companies and vendors who fail to perform according to the terms of a business contract or who do not pay their bills can be held financially liable for any economic harm caused as a result. At the Law Office of Aaron I. Vela, P.C., we have built a reputation for credibility in the courts and in the legal profession.

Commercial Litigation, Contract Disputes, and Accounts Receivable
Our firm confidently handles a wide range of commercial and business litigation matters in and out of court. Some of the types of cases we have handled include:

  • Contract disputes

  • Corporate, partnership, and limited liability company disputes

  • Commercial collections

  • Construction disputes

  • Actions by subcontractors against contractors

  • Lawsuits by contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers against property owners

  • Actions on construction bonds

  • Insurance litigation

  • Business disparagement

  • Fraud and misrepresentation

  • Landlord–tenant disputes

Protecting Our Clients and Their Businesses
Our thorough preparation and understanding of the facts is essential to our legal work, and yields real results for our clients. We do not take cases with the idea that we will settle. We also recognize the cost effectiveness and risk avoidance values of settlement and alternative dispute resolution.

Contact our firm to talk about your needs with a friendly, helpful legal team. At the Law Office of Aaron I. Vela, P.C., we are focused on your business needs, disputes, and organization.

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Business Litigation - Protecting Your Company

Disputes that impact the maintenance and operation of a business can undermine a company's financial health and position within the marketplace. When employee contracts are violated or confidential information is misused, injunctive relief may not be enough to cover financial harm suffered by a company. At the Law Office of Aaron I. Vela, P.C., we represent businesses, managers, and shareholders in litigation involving breaches of contract, violations of fiduciary duty, and allegations of financial mismanagement.

If you believe you have suffered financial harm due to the actions of a business partner, manager, or employee, contact us today to schedule an appointment and discuss your case.

The Law Office of Aaron I. Vela, P.C. counsels and represents business clients in litigation regarding disputes over the following issues:

  • Bylaws

  • Certificates of Formation or Articles of Incorporation

  • Fiduciary duties

  • Dissolution of a business

  • Partnership and operating agreements

  • Buyouts

  • Shareholder disputes

  • Retirement funds

  • Non-compete agreements

  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality matters

The Importance of Bylaws and Operating Agreements
Bylaws are usually drafted and approved under the charter of a company's Certificate of Formation or Articles of Incorporation. As a result, they are essential when disputes arise regarding who has the authority to make certain kinds of decisions in a company. This is especially the case when disputes arise regarding the use of corporate accounts and the allocation of company assets.

In litigation involving limited liability companies, operating agreements usually include buy-out provisions, the capital contribution of members, cash flow and distributions, and terms applicable to the dissolution of the company. When disputes arise regarding any of these issues, the organizational documents of a company must be reviewed. In leveraging our client's case, we apply what is contained in a company's organizational records, exposing violations of terms and processes pertinent to our client's case.

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Contract Disputes

The business world relies on contracts to keep operations running smoothly and seamlessly. Contracts allow one to plan future needs, at least as much as is humanly possible.

Whether one of your business partners has failed to live up to contractual obligations or you have been accused of breaching a contract, come to the Law Office of Aaron I. Vela, P.C., in Edinburg, Texas. With more than 15 years of legal experience, we can help you with your legal issues. Contact our office today to schedule your confidential consultation.

Working quickly and efficiently to resolve your business disputes:
Because we are a smaller law firm, we are able to run conflict checks very quickly and begin your legal representation almost immediately. If one of your business partners has breached a contract, our rapid response can minimize the effects of this breach on the rest of your business operations.

Providing cost-effective and appropriate legal representation:
We provide cost-effective and situationally-appropriate legal representation to help our clients address contractual breaches. We recognize that not every breach of contract demands the immediate filing of a lawsuit and the potential damage to an important long-term supplier may be too great to risk with emotionally charged litigation. In many cases, we are able to resolve breach of contract matters through letters and informal negotiations.

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Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

At the office of Aaron I. Vela, P.C., our firm is dedicated to guiding clients through the various options for seeking a resolution to their cases.

Mediation & Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is the process of resolving legal conflicts without going to trial. Our firm is experienced in the area of dispute resolution. We are skilled in determining when a form of ADR is in the best interest of a client and meets the needs better than traditional litigation.

We have substantial experience and training in ADR and routinely advise our clients on the legal consequences flowing from particular terms and conditions of all ADR options.

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Personal Injury

Here at Law Office of Aaron I. Vela, P.C., we offer comprehensive legal services to individuals backed by our experience which includes highly experienced personal injury attorneys, and can connect you with a top injury lawyer to help you with your legal issues.

Our law office is comprised of a highly experienced lawyer for personal injury cases, whose experience and courtroom experience include representation in cases involving accident claims, wrongful death, car accident suits, toxic tort, products liability, SUV rollover accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, serious slip and fall accidents, brain and medical injury, auto injuries, product defects, offshore accidents, accidents from working on oil and gas platforms and rigs, boating accidents and serious tort cases and injuries. Our law office, practicing in Hidalgo and surrounding counties, seeks to recover the maximum amount of damage compensation in injury claims and litigation as well as seek expeditious settlement of injury and insurance claims.

Injury claims and cases are generally handled on a contingency fee basis, which means that our injured clients do not pay any attorneys' fees unless the injury attorney recovers damage compensation through settlement or judgment. Our accident and injury attorneys aggressively seeks damages claims in cases involving tractor trailer collisions, personal injuries, work injury and even suits linked to DUI charges.

In today's world, we have to be more aware than ever of our rights and our responsibilities when it comes to personal injury claims. If we are not fully aware of these rights or have adequate representation or if we are challenged through litigation relating to personal injury claims, we can find ourselves in a very vulnerable position. Cases involving any kind of a personal injury claim can be very expensive and often present long-term challenges that can take up time in court and put you at financial risk. Let our accident and injury attorney help you with your injury claim. Whether you are a business or an individual, please contact our injury lawyer at (956) 381-4440 for a free consultation and assessment of your injury or death claim.

Your case may involve a car accident or slip and fall claim, or perhaps you've been served with a medical malpractice suit or involved in a wrongful death claim. At the Law Office of Aaron I. Vela, P.C. we offer a comprehensive and highly qualified personal injury lawyer ready to represent you, in cases involving these and other forms of injury claims and cases.

Whether you need advice from our personal injury attorney regarding a claim against you, need the best injury lawyer possible to represent you and help you file an adequate and effective personal injury claim of your own, or would like to speak to our personal injury attorney about pursuing a litigation settlement, our qualified and experienced injury attorney is ready to help.

The clients of the Law Office of Aaron I. Vela, P.C. appreciate our ability to deliver highly sophisticated legal advice, documentation, and litigation services in a prompt and economical manner. As a small firm, we can maintain direct communication with our clients without delegation or confusion. To learn more about our ability to serve your interests effectively, contact the Law Office of Aaron I. Vela, P.C. in Edinburg.

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Receiverships & Master in Chancery Appointments

In certain situations where a company is in default of its loan obligations, and creditors or lenders are concerned that the company may not be acting in the best interests of creditors, such lenders or creditors may consider seeking the appointment of a receiver to safeguard their interests.

A receivership takes place when the court appoints a receiver to oversee the interests of all stakeholders and to maximize the value of an entity. A receiver acts on behalf of lenders or creditors under the specific direction of the court. Typically, a receiver is appointed to take control of all of the property with the shareholder or partners authority to liquidate assets, wind-up business affairs, or preserve the assets of the entity.

The Law Office of Aaron I. Vela, P.C., has extensive experience in receiverships. Our Attorney has been appointed as receiver for a variety of types and sizes of businesses and has assisted owners and lenders in maximizing their recovery.

Our staff has the experience to manage a company’s affairs and can liquidate the assets of a business or turn a short term crisis into long term viability. With the interests of a debtor’s lenders and creditors in mind, or the intrests of partners or shareholders, our objective is to complete a transaction expeditiously, while simultaneously maximizing the value of an entity to the benefit of all stakeholders.

As Court-Appointed Receivers, the Law Office of Aaron I. Vela, P.C. can provide the following:

  • Asset Protection
  • Operational Guidance
  • Report Preparation
  • Claims Administration
  • Expert Opinions & Testimony
  • Asset Liquidation
  • Sale of Business

Master in Chancery is an officer appointed by a court of equity to assist the court. Generally, master in chancery is a senior official or clerk who assists the judge in various duties such as inquiring into matters referred by the court, examining cases, taking oaths and affidavits, conducting hearings on discovery disputes, and computing damages.

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